As the number of people who are using the forums is steadily growing, and the number of posts increases every day, it may be a good time to start a feedback thread for you users, to tell us what you think and what we may improve in the forums.

We had a poll when we started with the forums, where it showed that some people only read the forum but do not post threads themselves. Other people would post their questions, but not participate in other threads. There were also people who would post their questions, but also participate in threads from other users.

What would you like to see improved in the forums? Is there something which you know from other forums that you miss here? What about the number of replies, or the quality of the information in the replies, or the time it takes until a reply is posted? What do you think about the languages used in this forum (German and English)? Do you think the forums need a "beginners" forum? Would you like a forum where you can introduce yourself? Do you think the forums are "just an alternative way" of contacting technical support? If yes, why do you, or do you not prefer to post in the forums? Would you like to see weekly threads, e.g. a friday update? If yes, what should these threads contain? If you have stopped posting in the forums, what was the reason? If you have not posted in the forum until now, what is the reason?

I know that these are many questions Of course you do not need to answer (all) the questions to provide your opinion.

If you are just happy with the way this forum works, please let us know as well!

I'm looking forward to some replies with feedback and suggestions