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Thread: Graphic Compile Error

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    Default Graphic Compile Error

    Hello all,

    I get error messages on my graphic files .

    Print Screen is attached.

    What does it means?

    In Runtime the logos do appear on screens.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Grpahic Error.png  

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    Hello Olesia,

    The error message means that the png files can not be written.

    PNG graphics files cannot be overwritten if they are currently being displayed in Runtime.

    Background: The Runtime protects opened .png files. This prevents these being overwritten.

    Solution: Before Remote Transport is instigated, it must be ensured that screens with *.png files:
    - Are not called up in Runtime
    - Are not being used by another program

    This also applies for the reloading of amended Runtime files. The Runtime sync in the network does not work for a *.png screen if this is switched on a zenon computer that is involved in the process (standby server, client).

    This is mentioned in the help: Manual -> Functions and scripts -> Functions -> System functions -> Application - functions -> Reload project online


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