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Thread: Web Server problems

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    I'm using Zenon Energy Edition 7.20 and now I need to start my project application using Web Server.
    I have install Web Server as it is written in Zenon Web Server Manual and like it was shown on Youtube video Zenon web server (official COPA DATA channel).
    But for some reason I'm not able to run application in Server correctly.

    In attachment is briefly described what I have done.

    I'm first time using Web Server, so comments/suggestions will help.

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    Hello Damir

    On our website we have a checklist for the Webserver/Client check it out and reply if it still not works im sure we or the support can help you then

    Best regards

    Tobias Ritschel

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    All files would have been downloaded by the webclient if the connection worked.
    The blue dots also indicates that there is a problem in the communication.

    I see in the screenshot that you are using localhost as address. Running the webclient on the same machine as the webserver is not recommended as this is the usual result of that configuration...

    Best regards


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    Thank You for you support and help.

    With COPA DATA help, problem was resolved.

    I have followed manual and I put encryption on  server but not on Client and that was causing the errors.
    Also, what Fredrik wrote was an error(web server and web client on the same PC), connection from web client (different PC) was established by using IP address instead of PC name.
    Web server is pingable by name(just to mention)

    Sometimes you just need to read more carefully and errors will be avoided

    Best regards,

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