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Thread: IEC61850 Driver - Time Synchronization AML CEL

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    Default IEC61850 Driver - Time Synchronization AML CEL

    Hello everybody,
    I'm working on Zenon Operator 7.50

    In my project there are two type of 61850 IED device, both can support SNTP synchronization.
    In the pc where Zenon is running the changing of summer time is disabled and time zone is set +00:00.
    In AML and CEL Received Time is correct according single device time (but it can be different to PC time that is not time synchro with devices)

    My questions are:

    1. is possible ignore IEC61850 time stamp and set Received Time according PC zenon time?
    2. if 1 is not possible, zenon can accept SNTP synchronization?

    (any alternatives good ideas to solve the problem?)

    Thank you

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    Default Re: IEC61850 Driver - Time Synchronization AML CEL


    You should always use the time stamp from the 61850 telegram! In case of a major problem you want to see in which order the events happened.

    zenon uses the system time.
    If it's possible to configure your OS for using SNTP that's a very good idea.

    Best regards


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    Default Re: IEC61850 Driver - Time Synchronization AML CEL

    The IED61850 Standard does not allow to a client to ignore time stamps delivered by IEDs when IED delivers t-values with valid TimeQuality. So sorry, you cannot force the client to ignore valid time stamps. But if the time stamps coming from IED are wrong, then the IED is obligated to send t-value with ClockFailure flag (then zenon will ignore this external time stamp automatically). If the IED is sending incorrect time values but with TimeQuality = OK - then this IED is not compliant with the Standard!

    Depending on Windows version you may setup in your OS the NTP client:
    1. cmd: gpedit
    2. Local Computer Policy > Administrative Templates > System > Windows Time Service > Time Providers > Configure Windows NTP Client:
    • enabled, IP of time server, etc.

    and make also sure that the Windows service w32time is running (in admin context), e.g. cmd: net start w32time
    Then Windows shall synchronize the clock of the PC with this external time server (as far as the group policy allows it too).

    You may add in Windows registry (regedit) keys to make Windows w32tm write a log:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\w32time\Config
    i was using:
    FileLogEntries, REG_SZ, 0-116
    FileLogName, REG_SZ, C:\Windows\Temp\w32time.log
    FileLogSize, REG_DWORD, 0x00010000

    This LOG file i was even evaluating in zenon Logic to set in zenon variables with current indication about time synch of my PC.  

    There could be also relevant Windows Event Viewer entries in: Event Viewer (local) > Windows log > System

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