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    I have a question for ALC for power transformer?
    That the ALC sources can come from each sides of transformer and change different color for each sides. I tried to use link to connection between sides but it did not work.
    I read the manual and tried someway but sometime it worked, some time it did not.
    Could you give me some idea about it?


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    Hi mytom!

    Which zenon version are you using?

    Usually your grid is coloured depending on the ALC configuration made at project properties > automatic line colouring.
    If your transformer is configured to be provide colours only for feed-forward and you try to do a reverse feed while having the source for reverse feed set to UNDEFINED[0] parts of the grid in reverse direction are not coloured.
    Same applies when configuring reverse feed only, but in this case the feed-forward part is not coloured.

    Some suggestions that might help:
    - The direction for ALC-colouring is always starting at the left upper corner going down to the right lower corner
    - Ensure that all elements (especially lines and combined elements) have option "Use colour from ALC" set
    - Configuration of sources for both, feed-forward and reverse feed at transformers
    - Three-winding transformers might consist of multiple ALC-elements (transformer elements as well as lines); ensure that all elements have option "Use colour from ALC" set as mentioned above, especially when using it within a symbol
    - It might be necessary to switch the input/output of the transformer if the transformer does not support reverse feed

    Documentation for your product can be downloaded from here (requires having a customer account):

    Best regards,


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    - do not use in your topology the ALC sources reserved in zenon for internal use (ID <=10). Create in Project - ALC Configuration your own Sources (ID >= 11) and link only these sources with your ALC elements (Source, Generator, Transformer).
    - link Combi-elements representing Transformers (or Sources, Generators etc.) with internal variables having initial value 1 (not 0).

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