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    My task is to implement a .NET based WPF control including a more or less complex chart.
    The chart contains a zoom and pan functionality for zooming in, zoom out, scoll and pan within the chart area by using the left/right mouse buttons.

    In the zenon-integrated "Extended trend" you can make use of a zoom function by click-and-hold the left mouse botton and creating a zoom rectangle. - Which works fine.
    The same functionality in the WPF control is functional working without problems but there is no visible rectangle when invoking with click-and-hold the left mouse botton.
    This problem resides regardless what style settings for the zoom-area rectangle are choosen. Even with whatever opacity setting is is still not visible.

    The zoom-area rectangle is made by an Adorner ( and seems not be drawn.
    When implementing the same WPF outside of zenon runtime it is working as expected and the zoom-area rectangle is visible.
    See screenshot for an exmple.

    Environment is zenon 7.60 on Windows 10 and WPF for .NET 4.5.
    Do you know any limitations for using Adorners within WPF controls for zenon?

    Thank you for any idea on this.
    Regards, Jens
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