Hello everybody,
I'm working on Zenon Operator 7.50
In my project I need to connect N devices of same type. Each device is defined in Zenon like 61850 server with different net address.
I'm using symbolic addressing and the import of variables from driver is working fine.
I would like to create a datatype, from a list of variables imported by the driver, of device 1 and use it for define variables of other devices.

(I did the same for modbus driver, I created a datatype starting from a fix position and ,using offset, I created other variables)

For IEC61850,with symbolic address (var example:EKIP_01!AA1J1Q03A1LD0/XCBR1/Pos/stVal[ST]), I don't know how to create a datatype... now I exported a csv file with variables of device 1, I open it in excel (I changed technical key and net address according device 2..3..4) then I imported it in Zenon. In this way if I have to do some modifications I have to export/import again the list of variables for each device... the best way, I think, is using a datatype.

Any idea how to create a datatype for 61850 symbolic address variables?

Thank you