Hello everybody,
I'm working on Zenon Operator 7.50. I have read IEC850 Zenon Driver Manual.

I need to connect to a device via IEC61850 protocol.

I detected 2 different working case:

CASE 1: if my device doesn't include REPORT CONTROL BLOCKS -> ZENON reads variables from device OK (Variable ConnectionState = 65538 -> TCP Connection and MMS are ok)

CASE 2: if my device include
REPORT CONTROL BLOCKS -> ZENON doesn't show any variables value (Variable ConnectionState = 2 only TCP Connection is OK)

My problem is: new configuration of my device include REPORT CONTROL BLOCK automatically, therefore zenon is not able to read desired variables from the device.

What can I set in IEC61850 Configuration Driver to enable the communication? I tried to set 0 Max auto used URCBs field but communication still not working.

Any idea?

Thank you,

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