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Thread: Monitor Administration (2 monitors)

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    Unglücklich Monitor Administration (2 monitors)

    Hello everybody,
    I'm working on Zenon Operator 7.50 / Windows 10.

    I need to have 2 monitors in project (both with fullhd resolution 1920x1080). I have read Monitor Administration Zenon manual.
    I need to show Screen0 on monitor1 (left) and Screen1 on monitor2 (right).
    I modified zenon6.ini file (ref to fig) (I also insert entry 
    ScreenProfile=Standard in Default section) and Monitor Administration Section (ref to fig).
    I defined 2 frames (1920x1080), one for Screen0 and one for Screen1 (ref to fig).

    StartScreen in Graphical Design is set to Screen0. On execution of Screen0 StartFunction= goto_Screen1 (goto_Screen1 = Screen Switch Funct. that load Screen1 on V01, virtual screen).

    Taskbar of Win10 is set to autohide mode.

    In runtime ONLY screen0 on real monitor 1 (left) is shown.

    Something is wrong or missed?

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Monitor Administration (2 monitors)

    Hi Andrea,

    This is an example of how I have configured my two Monitors.
    I hope this is hepful for you.
    (see attached Schema)

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    Default Re: Monitor Administration (2 monitors)

    I have done the same thing (ref to fig)...but only screen0 on real monitor (left monitor) is shown.
    Other parameters that I have set are correct? (top of this post)
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    Default Re: Monitor Administration (2 monitors)

    Hi Andrea,

    Your configuration is almost correct.
    Please note that zenon projects are generally configured for a desired monitor resolution.
    -> How many monitor are used is configured separately.
    -> The same project can even be used with different amount of monitors on different clients.

    This means:
    1. The screen resolution in the general page of the monitor administration should be the size of 1 monitor.
    -> It defines what resolution the project is designed for.
    In your case set it to 1920x1080

    Attention: changing this setting will scale all frames, screens and the elements on the screens.
    -> So it should be defined once and then kept it that way.

    2. You do not have to configure frames with 2 monitors in mind.
    -> The frame-config will have an area of 1920x1080.

    In your case: Make sure both frames are on top of each other.

    The rest is configured correctly:
     - standard profile settings in the monitor administration
     - zenon6.ini settings
     - screen-switch functions


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    Default Re: Monitor Administration (2 monitors)

    Hi Georg,
    Thank you so much...Now it is working!


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