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    Hello everybody,
    I'm working on Zenon Operator 7.50.
    I have 3 monitosr (M1[FULL-HD]: 1920x1080, M2[FULL-HD]: 1920x1080, M3[16:10]: 1920x1200).
    The monitors will show different pages.

    I have read Monitor Administration Zenon Manual.

    My question is:
    case 1 = if I define the Main Monitor (in zenon.ini) in this way I'll lose some pixel of M3 (this is the solution that I have found in others forum's post). (ref to fig)
    case 2 = in this way no pixel are lost. (ref to fig)

    Is it possible to use case 2?

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    Hello Andrea,

    Your 2 questions are correct.

    Case 2 would be possible.
    But keep in mind that the 3rd Monitor would scale the content a little due to the bigger resolution.
    And because the aspect ratio is different this could cause udesired effects.

    Thats why I would recommend case 1.

    In a multimonitor system you get better results when using the same monitor-models.

    Hope this helps.


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