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    Iím new in Zenon and Iím using the Report Viewer (Repor-Visual Studio) tool in Zenon Supervisor.
    I have a dataset with some variables and Iím trying to make a chart.
    Iím writing in the expression the code to visualize the value, but it only shows the first variable in the dataset and it seems that I canít choose within my variables.
    I found functions ďFirstĒ and ďLastĒ that helped me choosing 2 of my variables in that dataset, Iím trying to figure out how to choose a variable that I desire from my dataset and not only the first or the last.
    I also found the function ďChooseĒ and it works for the first, writing Choose(1,Fields!VALUE.Value) it shows me the value of the first variable but it doesnít work with 2 or 3 for the second and the third.
    How can the system detect the first or the last of the variables? Are there any indexes to enter the ďarrayĒ of variables? And what is the code to enter a cell of that array? Fields!VALUE.value(0) or something similar doesnít work.
    Iím looking for the way to select and show in the chart one of the n variables from a dataset, now I have n dataset for n variables because of this problem and it isnít a good configuration.
    Thankís for your help.
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