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    Hi everyone,<br><br>I tried to restore a project to Zenon Energy Edition 7.50 which was done by a colleague and I wanted to test the driver configuration. However, when I did it, I received the error that it could not establish a connection to the project due to zenDBsrv not running. When I first installed Zenon on this work laptop, I had some problems with the database since there already was a Zenon SQL 2012 Database, but as I recall, I managed to install it correctly and start the runtime and establish a connection to an IED. Some time has passed and I couldn't find zenDBsrv on the services window.&nbsp;<br><br>If anyone could help me find out what the problem is and what I could do to solve it, I'd very appreciate it.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Mehrdad

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    Hi mehrdad6687, I already give you one solution which you can find: try it out and see if it works for you! And please don't make a double posts with the same question in different topics... We are trying to keep forum nice and clean...




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