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Thread: ZenOn RT starting before TwinCAT on CE

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    davidgrice Gast

    Default ZenOn RT starting before TwinCAT on CE

    Has anyone come accross a situation where ZenON RT process is starting for TwinCAT on a CX1020 CE5.0. On Boot up ZenON is VERY slow, if we close the RT and open it again then it runs fine.....



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    Default Re: ZenOn RT starting before TwinCAT on CE

    Without further details it is hard to tell what is going on here.

    One thing you could check, is that the transport service is started before the zenon runtime (syssrvce.exe).

    The transport service is not only the remote part on the CE device for remote transport, it has also a role as the central logging server for error messages for the zenon runtime and drivers.

    If the syssrvce.exe is not running, and zenon is started, the zenon runtime and all drivers and the network service, run in a timeout trying to establish a connection.

    This concerns only the boot of the zenon runtime. You may see, that the actual start of the runtime is a lot slower without the syssrvce.exe running as when it is running.

    To figure out, if it is the communiction of the driver to the TwinCAT PLC, you could start the device with the driver mode set to "Simulation static". When started, the driver does not communicate to the PLC and starts with simulated static values.

    If it is still slow with the syssrvce.exe running and the driver set to simulation, you could try and load a tiny PLC project into TwinCAT, instead of the original, to find out whether the TwinCAT PLC uses a lot of system resources at startup of the device.

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