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    I have question about DNP3_TG driver. I want to create communication with RTU (DNP3 Slave) via GPRS TCP/IP. But wap ip address of the outstation is not static. The case is that the slave initiates a session but the master does the polling so Zenon (DNP3 Master) doesn't need to know the ip of the outstation. Is this possible cause in DNP3_TG driver in Outstation settings must be entered the ip address of the outstation.

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    Hello vpartinov,

    Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum!

    It is an interesting use case which you describe. In a normal case, with only an initiating endpoint, a DNP3 master would attempt to establish (initiate) the connection to the outstation and send class poll requests cyclically to the outstation to retrieve event data. 

    A DNP3 master can also be a dual endpoint master with both an initiating endpoint and a listening endpoint. A dual endpoint DNP3 master may initially initiate the connection, send a class 0 poll in order to get the initial values, enable unsolicited responses and then close the TCP/IP connection to the outstation again and wait for the outstation to actively establish the connection and send unsolicited response to the master.

    The DNP3_TG master driver can be configured to have a dual endpoint however it does require a known IP address of the outstation in order to establish a master-outstation association and assign events received as unsolicited responses, to the corresponding connection in the driver and the corresponding points (zenon variables) in the master database. The DNP3_TG master only accepts connection requests on the dual endpoint listening endpoint for IP addresses that are configured as an outstation in the driver configuration. 

    Unfortunately, there currently is not a mode of operation supported in the DNP3_TG driver that would fit your use case where there is a listening endpoint only and any TCP/IP connection would be accepted and a dynamic master-outstation association is created where the master would send requests to the (unknown / dynamically created) device.

    Please feel free however, to contact your local zenon representative with more details, for us to see how the DNP3_TG driver could be enhanced to support this operation mode in future!

    Best regards,

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    Mark, thank you for the information.

    So can it be done with data sim cards with public fixed IP addresses for the outstations?

    Best regards,
    Vladimir Partinov

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