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Thread: How to clear cache values after connection loss

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    Default How to clear cache values after connection loss

    Hi Guys 
    I have a Scenario where I am facing trouble
    I have many Relays and calculating the Total Current by adding all the current values of the relay. If suddenly the communication of one relay is lost then the value (that was updated before communication loss) remains the same with a Red Dot at the top corner.
    My problem is
    1.The cached values are getting used by the mathematical value and Zenon logic resulting in Wrong Calculations. So How to make the value to 0 or unusable once the communication is lost.
    2.The Red Dot are Awkward to see. How to Remove that Red and Blue Dot at the top corner.
    Please Share some Ideas.

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    Default Re: How to clear cache values after connection loss

    In zenon by communication loss the affected variables get status bit INVALID. This is one of the status bits represented as red square at the top right corner of screen elements.

    ad. 1. in zenon you may check if variable has the INVALID bit in reaction matrixes, formulas (e.g. by combi-elements, interlockings etc.) and filters.
    From a reaction matrix - when INVALID is detected and when gone - you may call functions 'write set value' to change the value of some additional internal variable. Then you may use this internal variable to activate/deactivate calculations, change colors, makes elements visible/invisible etc.

    If affected variable is 'extern visible' then in zenon Logic you may check the status bit using the function vsiGetBit() or SymbVsiGetBit().

    ad. 2.
    red square at top right corner is because of setting: screen element - representation - 'Display status of variable'.
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