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Thread: Client runtime licensing

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    Default Client runtime licensing

    In our project, it is assumed that each client uses only some of the server variables.
    Is it possible in this case, that client license may be fewer in variables number than for the server (for example, the server 16384 tags, clients 8192 Tags each)?

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    yes, under circumstances this is possible.

    The runtime must have the amount of tags licensed, of all the projects which are running / loaded. Regardless if this is a client or a server.

    If in your multi-hierarchical structure you have a server where the integration project is running, with an additional 4 different sub-projects, the license for the runtime on the server must contain total number of tags used in the 4 sub-projects and in the integration project.

    If on your client PC only one of the sub-projects is running, (the start project is not the integration project) then you require only the number of tags used in this sub-project.

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    Default Re: Client runtime licensing

    It is not possible to choose the variables a zenon client wants to use out of a project or out of different projects.
    As markclemens stated all variables of all projects running within the runtime must be licenced.

    The solution markclemens gave is also the only one I know.

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