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Thread: Zenon OPC UA Client driver

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    Default Zenon OPC UA Client driver

    i tried to connect the ua Client Driver with the OPC UA Server of a Simotion. However, while importing variables from the Server a error message pops up with the Content:

    "Failed to evaluate data types at SIMOTION!
    Failed to read data types: The request could not processed
    because it specified too many operations. (0x80100000)"

    I don´t understand, if the data types or the number of variables (ca 160000) is the Problem.
    And how can i reduce the number of variables, which I want to Import?

    Best Regards!

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    Hi s.koebler,

    This answer is probably way too late for your request, however the topic comes up every now and then and it helps people find an answer themselves.

    Some OPC UA servers limit the amount of items that can be included in a request so that the request can still be processed efficiently and timely. OPC UA servers can choose to expose the information what amount they support for individual operations in their OPC UA server address space, (OperationLimits) for clients to consider.

    Please make sure you are using the latest version of the OPCUA32 client driver. Here you will find a setting in the driver configuration, for the OPCUA32 driver to consider the server OperationLimits as well as configurable OperationLimits for individual operations, in case the OPC UA server does not expose this information.

    Best regards,

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