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Thread: insert image in a synbol or in a screen

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    Default insert image in a synbol or in a screen


    I need to insert an image (ex. a company logo .png .bmp .jpg) in a screen... How I can do it?

    I'm trying to insert it in a new symbol... but I don't know how to do it...
    If I insert the logo in the graphic files I can't put the graphic file in a symbol... and If I insert it directly in the screen I ' m not able to position/resize it where I want.

    (I'm using Zenon 7.50 Operator)

    Thank You,
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    Default Re: insert image in a synbol or in a screen

    Hello Andrea and welcome to the forum,

    Once you have imported the image to your project, you can just drag & drop it to the screen, and this image will be the background of this screen. In the properties of the image: "Display --> Background grapfhic" you will find the linked image and you can adjust the alignment.

    If you want to have a image, but not as a background, you can use a combi element. For that, you must link a variable to the element, but you do not need to define any state, just link the desired image to the "Default value".
    In the properties of the combi, select "Representation --> Type of display = Graphics file and screen symbol"

    Once the configuration dialog is opened, select your image:

    To make this combi element no clickable, so nobody confuses it with a button, go to its property "Write set value --> Numeric value" and unselect "Setting values active"

    You can also link images to a button, just by drag & drop and, as long as there is no linked function, it will be no clickable.

    If you want a symbol with the image, just use a combi or a button to create the symbol.

    Best regards,
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    Default Re: insert image in a synbol or in a screen

    Thank You for the solution you suggested!
    I managed to find it on my own, and I'm glad it matched the one you proposed.

    Thanks again for your help!

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