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Thread: Web Server Pro Light - how to start, which browser I can use

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    Default Web Server Pro Light - how to start, which browser I can use

    Dear All,

    I am using zenon v7.50 under Windows 8.1 Professional. I am useing zenon Supervisor and Web Server Pro Light on the same PC
    I just install Web Server Pro Light. I opened the Web Server Pro Light dialog from Control Panel. The license was entered and Web Server Pro Light is stated in normal mode.
    Next I did exactly what configuration is required:
    - In project, Network, Networ Active was activated and Server 1 name was enered;
    - Web Server Pro is started and running is running with valid license;
    - The global_vars.js file is configured accordinglly;
    - The page is accessed from the web client computer;
    - The WebClient_small.exe is installled on client's computer;

    On web clients computer when I enter address, at first project is loading (see "Web Server Pro Light - page loading.png"). Next I got error message that files do not exist (see "Web Server Pro Light - File not exist error.png").
    I check on zenon web Server Pro Light computer that (according the documentation) nothing was created into folder  C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\Low\zenWebCl i (or %Temp%\zenWebCli).
    Whay is that? What I am doing wrong?

    Best regards,
    Svetozar Yolov

    For the gentlemen of COPA DATA, I need to put some comments:
    - the documentation of Web Server is not updated! For example in zenon Web Client - compatibility, the current Runtime can load projects up to the version 7.11 SP0. Now we are on v7.60;
    - there is nothing mentioned regarding opening of TCP in documentation of Web Server. Actually there is something mention in Manual -> zenon Web Server -> zenon Web Server, Web Server Pro and Web Server Pro Light -> HTTP Tunneling, that HTTP port may need to be configured manually on the computer with the web server in the Windows Firewall, as an exceptional port for incoming connections. If you read just Web Server part one will missed that the port will be manually opened for incoming connections.
    - I noticed in forum that Firefox browser also ca be used as web client. In documentation it is stipulated that just Internet Explorer from v8.0 ca be used.
    - Internet Explorer v11 it is not supported. Which browser has to be used in clients with domain structure and where only Internet Explorer v11.0 is available. Normally in this clients, the security requirements are very strict and you can not install what you want!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Web Server Pro Light - page loading.png   Web Server Pro Light - File not exist error.png  

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