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Thread: Extraction of Files through IEC 101

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    Default Extraction of Files through IEC 101


    i am using Zenon energy edition 7.5,
    1. Problem 1:
    case 1:
    i have a IED of IEC 61850 and its connected to a gateway (SEL-2241) which give IEC 101 to Zenon, now that IED has a Disturbance recorder (COMTRADE) files in it and i need to extract those through IEC 101 protocol.

    case 2:
    there are nearly 200 IED's and are connected as case 1, now how do i extract the files with each of them with differentiation from one and other?

         2.Problem 2:
    i know there is a option for interlocking of variables in zenon but i couldn't find the method to achieve interlocking of commands (that's sending commands in T45 (type Identification) which should obey the condition)

         3.Problem 3:
    Is there any way to open COMTRADE files within Zenon, which should be able to analyse the waveform with Zoom and PAN options (i know about WPF object type importing but i expect more feature than that basic level)
         4.Problem 4:
    when i send a Command through IEC 101 (T45) i want a alarm event to confirm whether Command is successful or not

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    Default Re: Extraction of Files through IEC 101

    abhilash, welcome on Forum!

    If you have questions to different topics - like IEC870 driver and Interlocking - then i would propose you to post each question in own tread, not mix all into one post. It will be easier for other Forum users to follow the discussion (and maybe different people will answer different questions ).


    In IEC 61850 protocol the file name is a string. But the IEC 60870 protocol defines file transfer in own syntax for the file name - it is not string but only numbers. According -5-101 the ASDU (a frame) with file parameters cannot contain a text, it must contain numerical values:
    - COA (Common Address of ASDU) of the IO (Information Object - a data point) for which the disturbance data was recorded,
    - IOA (Information Object Address) - offset of recorded IO
    - and the NOF parameter, typically 1 ("transparent")

    I do not know how you transfer the files from the IED to the gateway (suppose via IEC 618650 protocol) but then via IEC 60870-5-101 protocol - the transfer will be technically possible only if you rename the file.
    In gateway the semantic for files to be transferred shall be documented in gateway's manual.

    Assuming that in gateway you have a file storing disturbance data recorded for an IO in sector (COA) 2 with IOA 100:
    - rename the file to "100.1" and place in gateway in area for sector COA=2 (details depend on manufacture of the gateway)
    - in zenon set the value "GET 100.1" to a variable of type T122, COA 2 und IOA 0
    On the PC with zenon the transferred file will be stored in C:\TEMP\IEC870\2\100.1 (assuming in the driver configuration the folder is defined as "C:\TEMP\IEC870")

    The 'File Transfer' procedures defined in the IEC61850 and in IEC60870 Standards do not give any possibility to get more as only a single file at once. The Standards expect that the files will be transferred only one by one. After the file was transferred the driver stores it on the HDD of the PC where zenon is running and then you may use this file like any file you have on this computer. Hint: you may rename and/or move a file to another directory using zenon function 'File operations' (in group 'Windows').

    If you want to get many files, then (under discussion in tread you will have to implement some state-machine to automate this process - in zenon Logic or using VBA / VSTA. Your code will have to analyze the result of "DIR" command - the list of files - and call "GET" for each file from this list you want to transfer. Then move files, rename etc.

    ad 3.
    The analyzes of disturbance data is a job for professional specialists, not particularly for an operator of a SCADA system. The professional specialists doing the job to analyze disturbance accidences are using own Viewers (dedicated applications) for disturbance data on own laptops (for small amount of data) or high performance PCs for big/cross over analyzes. Thus typically a SCADA system have to be able only to transfer file and store in a particular directory on HDD or Network. That's why in SCADA systems directly there is no need to display the disturbance data in more details as the WPF viewer does it. '

    ad. 2
    Interlocking for commands you may define in the module Command Processing. Solved in thread

    ad. 4
    the Command Processing gives possibility - property 'Watchdog Timer' - to check if command was executed successfully. It may check if the response variables (RV, e.g. an IO with T01 related to the T45) changes then value correctly and/or if the slave responds T45 positive or negative (see Help about status bits COTx and PN_870).

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