i am using Zenon energy edition 7.5,
  1. Problem 1:
case 1:
i have a IED of IEC 61850 and its connected to a gateway (SEL-2241) which give IEC 101 to Zenon, now that IED has a Disturbance recorder (COMTRADE) files in it and i need to extract those through IEC 101 protocol.

case 2:
there are nearly 200 IED's and are connected as case 1, now how do i extract the files with each of them with differentiation from one and other?

     2.Problem 2:
i know there is a option for interlocking of variables in zenon but i couldn't find the method to achieve interlocking of commands (that's sending commands in T45 (type Identification) which should obey the condition)

     3.Problem 3:
Is there any way to open COMTRADE files within Zenon, which should be able to analyse the waveform with Zoom and PAN options (i know about WPF object type importing but i expect more feature than that basic level)
     4.Problem 4:
when i send a Command through IEC 101 (T45) i want a alarm event to confirm whether Command is successful or not