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Thread: Urgent - KNX/EIB Variable Making and Import

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    Default Urgent - KNX/EIB Variable Making and Import


    I'm Sales engineer in south Korea.

    I will use the Zenon 7.60 IKEA 2nd shop in S. Korea.

    It commissioning will be Start Next Month.

    But, I have a problem.

    KNX ETS (S/W) is support to export file to CSV, XML, ESF(EIB Session File).

    But, On the Zenon supervisor, When I click the "Import variables from drive" menu, appear the pop-up and comment "The class is not registered."

    And, New pop-up window appear as below capture image.

    "Select Variables" Window

    Database : Default Database (EIB.DB)

    File format is *.DB.

    But, KNX ETS can not be export to *DB format.

    Can you help and support me?

    Ex) NETxAutomation Vayager tool is import to esf file format. (

    Please, I am very urgent issue and technical problem.

    Monitor image Capture
    As below

    Thank you.

    BR. Ik-Hwan. Seo. 

    President of KNX Userclub Korea.

    CEO of KNX Korea Inc.

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    Default Re: Urgent - KNX/EIB Variable Making and Import


    did you found a solution concerning your mentioned behaviour?
    We would be glad to help you further.

    Thanks in advance!

    All the best,

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