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Thread: ActiveX problem

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    Default ActiveX problem

    Dear all,

    I am trying to create an ActiveX with Visual Studio 2015.
    I created everything and when I start the Runtime in my own computer (where I have the Editor), the ActiveX is working properly.
    But, when I start the ActiveX in my Runtime Server, the ActiveX does not work. It does not read the variables.

    Could somebody help me?

    This is what I did:
    Private zApplication As zenOn.Application = Nothing
    Private zProject As zenOn.Project = Nothing
    Dim acType As Type = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("zenon.Application")
    zApplication = DirectCast(Activator.CreateInstance(acType, True), zenOn.Application)
    zProject = zApplication.Projects().Item("nameproject")
    MessageBox.Show("Connection to Zenon OK")
    Dim ActualValve As Integer = zProject.Variables.Item("variablename").Value

    Besides, I tried to do it through Marshall. But I had other problem with that. When I try to insert the activeX in the Editor, it always comes some error: 0x800401E3
    This is what I did with Marshal:

    zApplication = TryCast(Marshal.GetActiveObject("zenOn.Application"), zenOn.Application)
    zProject = zApplication.Projects().Item("nameproject")

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    Default Re: ActiveX problem


    which version is the editor and which version has the RT?
    Did you try to register the Active_X manually with the Windows command?

    All the best,

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    Default Re: ActiveX problem


    Thanks for your reply but I already solved the problem by myself.
    Normally if I need some help with some topic, I cannot wait one month and half to receive some answer.

    The Runtime is 7.5 and, of course, the first thing I do when I work with ActiveX is register the Active_X.
    The problem was not that the Active_X did not appear, the problem was that what should appear in the ActiveX did not appear.
    But it is already solved.

    Thanks again.

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