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Thread: Alarm causes

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    Default Alarm causes

    I am using Zenon 7.60 and want to add the function for Alarm Cause, so the user can choose a cause for each alarm.
    On my Alarm Message List screen I have a button with Screen type specific action = Select alarm cause.
    When I click on the button it displays a standard window with a list of alarm causes, but the list is empty.
    How do I add some alarm causes to the list?
    Under Industrial Performance Analyzer there is a place to add alarm causes, but I think that is for a different purpose as I have added some causes here and the pop up window on the alarm screen is still empty.

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    Hi mjackson,

    The Alarm Causes can be created in the RT and, for that, you need a Context List screen.

    You just need to create this Context List screen, open it in the RT, create the Alarm Causes that you want and save them.

    Then, when you click on the button "Select alarm cause..." on the AML screen, the list will have the values that you entered before.

    You can find more information in the help:

    Manual --> Alarms administration --> Operating during Runtime --> Alarm Message List --> Alarm causes

    Manual --> Screens --> Screen types --> Context List

    Best regards,

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