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Thread: Zenon 7.0 SP0 Build 2 Runtime Hang Issue

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    Default Zenon 7.0 SP0 Build 2 Runtime Hang Issue

    Dear Experts,
    We are working on Zenon 7.0 SP0 build 2 since 3-4 months in one of our projects. All was OK until yesterday when suddenly Runtime hanged. Initially I thought it was just once but that problem remained and every few seconds after I start Runtime or reload, it hangs.

    Pls provide your expert opinions in helping resolve this issue.!

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    When RT is not reacting then probably the main tread is too busy. Take look on CPU load - at each core, not summary - if on a core the load is higher as 80% then your project tries to do more as your PC can perform.

    The reasons could be too some mistake in VBA or a recursive call. A typical recursive call: a screen has linked a start function, the function opening this screen (or another screen opening then this one etc). Or a variable has limit calling function setting value to this variable - causing the limit. Or a script calling some function then executing this script.

    Not only recursive calls are blocking, it is also possible to temporarily but for significant period (typically 30s) block the RT, e.g. if you use a recipe or write set value function with option for write acknowledge. By variables from drivers not supporting the write acknowledge (status bits WR_ACK, WR_SUC) the system has to wait 30s - e.g. INTERN driver. You have to be also careful if you write to CEL not only current value of the variable but also the previous value and the driver cannot respond fast, e.g. while PLC is not reacting. A similar delay (caused by request for value) could be if you use function to toggle or increment variable value of a variable which is not advised (thus RT does not know the current value).    

    I've only listed the "most popular" mistakes in projects. And i don't think the Forum is the best platform to analyze. I'm proposing you to contact your local COPA-DATA Support. 

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