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Thread: VSTA Editor IN 32 bit Zenon 7.6 Editor

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    Default VSTA Editor IN 32 bit Zenon 7.6 Editor

    I tried to open VSTA Editor, but the VSTA Editor is not opened in 32bit Zenon 7.6.

    OS: Windows 10, 64 bit
    Zenon Editor: 32 bit

    I tried like this:

    1. Open VSTA Editor with ProjectAddIn...

    2. I selected C#, and clicked OK.

    3. But the editor is not open, and there is no message.

    How can I open VSTA Editor in ZENON 32bit environment?

    I tried the same method in ZENON 7.6 64bit editor, the VSTA is opened.
    But I want to use 32bit ActiveX.
    The 64bit ZENON can not load 32bit ActiveX.


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    Default Re: VSTA Editor IN 32 bit Zenon 7.6 Editor

    Hi Monad,

    please check the zenon help.
    There you can find the exact specifications for the 32 and 64 bit versions.
    Manual -> Runtime -> 32 and  64-bit Version
    Manual -> Programming Interfaces

    Best regards,

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