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Thread: How can I get an element at VSTA Runtime?

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    Default How can I get an element at VSTA Runtime?

    In VSTA Workspace, I can get static text property.
    like this:

    [System.AddIn.AddIn("MyWorkspace", Version = "1.0", Publisher = "", Description = "")]

    zenOn.IDynPicture scr = this.ActiveDocument.DynPictures().Item("Dashboard");
    zenOn.IElement Text = scr.Elements().Item("Static text_1_2");
    string textProp = (Text.get_DynProperties("Text")).ToString();


    BUT, how can I get static text property at RunTime(Project VSTA)?
    The below code throw exception: textProp is null

    [System.AddIn.AddIn("ThisProject", Version = "1.0", Publisher = "", Description = "")]

    zenOn.IDynPicture screen = this.DynPictures().Item("Dashboard");
    zenOn.IElement text = screen.Elements().Item("Static text_1_2");
    string textProp = (text.get_DynProperties("Text")).ToString();

    OR, Could I use "this.ActiveDocument" at runtime VSTA?

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    Default Re: How can I get an element at VSTA Runtime?

    Hi Monad,

    please note that there are quite many DynamicProperties which can only be modified/adjusted in the editor but not during the runtime.
    If you debug through your code, do you get the correct text-instance back? If this is the case, the text property might not be available in the runtime.

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