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    Hi, i have trouble with transfering the RT files to the server. When i click on establish connection the output window shows that the *** Establishing the connection to the remote system:HostnameXXXXXXXX and after that nothing happens. It have worked before and i sucessfully transfered the project. Have also deactivaed the firewall and the project is still configured for RT servern on the hostname for the server. Any one that have experiened this or now how to fix it? Using Zenon 7.50

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    I might be wrong but I think I had a simillar problem a while back.
    The problem was related to ZenSysSrv process not running on the device I wanted to transfer to. Basically what I did was manually start the process from Task Manager (the device was Windows based), but I don't know if that's a possibility for you. Perhaps check if the process is running on your pc?

    You can also try to register the Zenon version from Startup tool.

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    The best way to (re)start zenSysSrv is zenon Startup Tool - there is a button to 'Register' you may use to register components in Windows and start zenon background services. Especially useful on computers with more as one zenon version installed.

    You may also use Startup Tool to start the Runtime, the project will be taken according local zenon6.ini file or properties of the entry.

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