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Thread: change Linecolor or Fillcolor of a status defination (representationpropertie) with VBA

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    Default change Linecolor or Fillcolor of a status defination (representationpropertie) with VBA


    Is it possible to change the Fillcolor or LineColor of a Status definition via VBA.

    We have some baytype symbols and the onlything what is different is the color. (10kV/25kV150kV) each voltage have own color.
    My Idea is to reduce the number of symbols. The color will be changed (VBA) when the display is called. for example one display for 50kV one for 25kV
    The line colors is no problem we can export the color property. but with representation of symbol from library it looks that it is not possible.

    any ideas ??

    Thanks in advance

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    Default AW: change Linecolor or Fillcolor of a status defination (representationpropertie) with VBA

    I would suggest to do this another way. Create an internal variable 'Voltage' UINT or something. Create a Rema for this variable that has the different colors needed (e.g. 10=yellow, 25=orange ...) and use this variable in the symbols as dynamic color variable. Then you only have to set this variable to the right value when switching to a picture. This can be done without the use of VBA.

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