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Thread: IEC62056 / TCP/IP problem

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    Default IEC62056 / TCP/IP problem

    I use SICAM 230 and need to read data from energy meter ISKRAEMECO MT830 over IEC1107 (IEC62056) TCP/IP. I can connect to the device using telnet and I have ISKRAEMECO software installed and it is connecting to the meters like this:

    I edited file named Treiber_EN.xml adding IEC62056 driver like this:

    Driver settings are these:

    I read the driver help file and found that register address must be in filed "Identification", but my variable options have field IEC62056 address so i tried both ways with no luck. My variable looks like this:

    When the network is NOT connected i have error "TCP connect failed" in Diagnosis Viewer and when network is connected error goes to "Invalid Answer. Timeout Reached" so i guess that TCP connection is established but there is something wrong in mu variable parameters:

    Port 2010 is open in Firewall. Help needed.

    Best regards
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    Default Re: IEC62056 / TCP/IP problem

    Hi hm123,

    are you still struggling with this topic?
    One thing which came into my mind is to remove the device address completely from the driver configuration.

    I once had an issue where this solved the problem.

    It may worth it to try.

    All the best,

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