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    I want to change my PC systemtime without closing my zenOn runtime. Do I have to expect any problems by doing so?
    Itīs NOT recommended to change the systemtime without closing the zenOn runtime! Even changing just some minutes or seconds can cause various problems. (eg. in the modules: Timecontrol, Archives, HD-Management...)

    When changing the time forward, it can cause the system to create a big ammount of data for the archive witch can in some cases lead in an out of memory situation.
    When changing the time backwards you may get double entries for the archive, this can cause troubles when viewing and exporting the data.

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    The time control always calculates the moment of the next execution at the current execution. So if the cyclic time function (every hour) is executed at 15:34:00 the next execution is calculated for 16:34:00. However if the system time is manually adjusted at 15:36:00 to 14:36:00, the time function is still executed at 16:34:00.

    If the time and also the date is set forward, e.g. a cyclic execution every hour, executed at 01.09.07 15:34:00 is scheduled next for 01.09.07 16:34. Now if the date / time is changed to 02.09.08, 14:42:00, the function is executed immediately as the calculated time has passed and the next scheduled execution will be at 02.09.08 15:42:00. If the date/time is set back to 01.09.07 15:34:00 the function will not be executed for more than one year!

    To resolve this issue, a restart of the runtime is necessary. All time-functions are re-calculated.

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    What is the recommended method of syncronising the system time on a number of nodes on a network? Are there any special procedures? How should any time changes be managed in this scenario?

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