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Thread: Interlockings (Verriegelung)

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    I have 1 picture that i call on more times with the Function "picture switch" and a filter for variables.
    Now i have the following problem: In the picture i use a Interlocking (Verriegelung) for a Button. But the variable for that Interlocking must also be changed and that is not posible with the filter. How can i solve that problem? Maby with VBA or another way?

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    unfortunately, interlocking variables can not be substituted (I think you mean the indirect picture addressing (substitution) with "filter)" in version 6.22. This has been addressed by other customers as well.

    You may be interested to know, that of zenon 6.50 on, the variables used at the interlocking will also be available for substitution. This may not be a solution for now, but could be in the near future.

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