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Thread: Web Client - Visible Scrollbar on Internet Explorer in full screen mode

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    Default Web Client - Visible Scrollbar on Internet Explorer in full screen mode

    I'm using a PC (W10) as Web Client.
    In full screen mode, there are scroolbars on the right and on the bottom of the screen.
    I want to remove them.

    STEP1- I opend Zenon6.ini and I configured ScreenProfile="Standard_1_m" where Standard_1_m is screen profile (1919x1079) defined in Zenon Project but situation remains the same. It seems even if I change resolution in screen profile, Runtime in web client doesn't respond to the changes.

    STEP 2- I also modified ZOOM = 1 parameter in glob_var.js in wwwroot - zenon folder ( I don't remember if this is the correct path but I'm sure I changed Zoom parameter) to adapt Runtime to the screen but nothing has changed.

    Someone could help me? I would to open Runtime in full screen mode without any scrollbars in the screen.


    Steven Costantini.
    Steven Costantini

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    Default Re: Web Client - Visible Scrollbar on Internet Explorer in full screen mode

    Hi Steven,

    Unserstanding how screen resolution and screen plofiles work with WebClients can be difficult:
    - The Screen Profile (set Monitor Resolution) is not considered in the WebClient.
    -> Thats what the ZOOM setting is for.
    -> But his setting usually does not get you the desired result.
    - On the WebClient the size of the ActiveX Element in the browser is the "screen-resolution" for the project.

    A consistent way to get rid of the scrollbar is to change the zoom option in which the WebClient page is opened:
    - this is configured in the initcode.js: "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\zenon\config\initcode.js"
    - The bottom part descriibes the settings for opening with IE.
    -> Setting it to 110% usually achieves the desired result:
    document.write (' width=110%');
    document.write (' height=110%');

    Just refresh the WebClient to see the difference.

    Hope this helps.


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