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Thread: Tab navigation issues

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    I've been trying to get text box tab navigation working as per this thread:

    When calling my screen, I run a script to set focus on the element & allow input which works ok, I have set the order for 'down' correctly etc and I've created an invisible button which runs a script to move the focus 'down'. I have also set the invisible button to use the TAB key.

    Now the issue is that if I press TAB nothing happens.... If I click on the invisible button the focus moves to the next element exactly as I want.

    Am I missing something else to make the keyboard input work correctly? I tried to look at the example in the old thread, but it wouldnt load in to 7.50 as it was designed for an older SQL version.


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    Hi Dave,

    I do not know what can be missing in your project, but you must have in mind that the behavior is slightly different with the button and the Tab.

    With the button, the focus jumps directly to the following element. With the Tab, first you have to click Enter and then you click Tab, if not, the focus will not be moved to the following element.

    Attached you can find a 7.50 project which follows the explanations of the thread that you referred to.

    Best regards,
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    Hi Dave,

    If the Button does not trigger on the TAB input, the issue should be there.
    Make sure that the TAB input is set correctly:
    - Assign a key to the invisible button (Properties -> Runtime -> key combination)

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    thanks for uploading this example... I can see in the example that it does work (although you must press enter first before tab will move to the next box).

    As far as I can see I have set everything up the same as in the example.. however when inputting my values the TAB key still does not move it down. If I press ENTER after typing it doesnt input the values in the same way in my project as it does in the example, so I think I must be missing something here.

    Yes I have set the Runtime > Key combination for the invisible button to TAB but it doesnt seem to respond to the TAB key at all.

    Are there any ohther settings realating to keyboard input elsewhere in the project settings I may be missing?

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    Ok, I seem to have this working as per the example, which is ok.

    The issue seemed to be with my actual username / password text objects. To make it work as per the example I had to untick the 'write on lost focus' box. This means that you must press enter to submit the text, and then the tab button will work.

    It is shame that still does not work the way most users will expect... i.e. you should be able to type, press tab to move to the next box, press tab to move over the 'login' button & then press enter to have it log in.

    Ideally from an ergonomics point of view it would be nice to have this sort of function 'just work' in the way most users would expect without having to explain thats for our HMI it works a little differently, however at least you no longer have to use the mouse to click between each field.

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