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Thread: Three winding transformer

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    Default Three winding transformer

    Hi all,

    Did anyone tried to design 3-winding transformer ?
    It is clear how to create regular 2-winding one, but using the same elements it looks quite impossible to design 3-winding.
    In whatever way any CombinedElement is used, there is always the problem of automatic line coloring for third phase.

    Any thoughts on this matter would be really appreciated.

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    There are different ways to create a symbol for a transformer.
    If all circles representing the transformer shall have the same color, you can create one symbol with the three circles and use it in a combined element (see example1 in the attached demo project).
    Example 2 shows a transformer with two windings. You need to use one invisible combined element for the transformer functionality and two extra combi-elements for the visual circles.
    Example 3 shows a transformer with three windings.

    Click image for larger version

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    Default Re: Three winding transformer

    Great !
    This was exactly what I needed, and done in very neat way too.

    Thanks a lot

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