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    With an XY trend there is always the risk that the plot area is filled up, new points are drawn, old ones are not deleted.
    I tried to avoid that by setting the time filter in the screen switch on relative, for example on 1 minute.
    But then the old points are not deleted, so the problem still exists.
    As a workaround I found the possibility to use online vars, with the HD-data storage on 1 minute.
    Then with a screen-switch every minute I get what I want.
    But with data from an archive thatís not working, after a new screen switch much more data is displayed as defined in the screen switch function.
    I tried to shorten the save cycle for the archive, but thatís not helping and giving weird display results.
    What is a solution for this?

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    In the XY Trend old data points are not deleted automatically by refresh rate. This is a question of definition; a discussion about is open.

    You could use periodical call of screen switch function - to redraw the trend periodically, e.g. trigged by limit of a MATH driver 'counter' while screen is open (so MATH variable calculated from an internal 'Screen active variable'; where MATH counter has limit - script call: resetting counter value and opening the screen again).

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