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Thread: How to troubleshoot driver issues the right way?

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    Idee How to troubleshoot driver issues the right way?

    Hello everybody,

    Please consider the following sources of information to troubleshoot driver communication:
    1.) Driver On-line documentation
    2.) System Information Collector (SIC)
    3.) Diagnosis Viewer (Diagviewer)
    4.) Protocol Sniffers (E.g. Wireshark, PortMon, etc.)

    1.) Driver On-line documentation

    Every zenon driver includes an on-line documentation which can be accessed directly from the driver configuration dialog by pressing the help button.
    You can check the driver documentation for specific driver requirements, data-sheet, configuration steps & variables addressing, error codes and checklists.

    2.) System Information Collector (SIC)

    The SIC Tool collects zenon and operating system information that can be helpful for an investigation. It is installed together with the zenon setup and it can be found in the zenon Startup Tool > Tools.

    Note: For earlier zenon versions up to 6.51, the SIC tool can be downloaded manually from this forum entry. The SIC Tool runs without installation.

    When creating a SIC "Full"-Log in the output tree node Scada > Versions > Version XXXX > LogDirectory you can find the list of Diagviewer LOG files that are automatically created in the background by zenon. You can open these files in the Diagviewer.

    3.) Diagnosis Viewer (Diagviewer)

    It can be found in the zenon Startup Tool (Tools) and allows creating your own live diagnostic files but also to read back existing LOG files.
    The live diagviewer capture shall be initialized before the runtime start by pushing the “start online logging button”. After stopping the capture the LOG file can be saved and read-back again.

    It is possible to change specific filters. For example, to filter for a specific driver instance go to “Change pre-filter settings” and remove all the unnecessary clients (e.g. drivers, services, processes, etc.) from the selected list. You can change the columns and filter for text in the log file too for a better visualization.

    Note: It is only recommended to change the default parameterization of the Diagviewer clients if needed and as long it is necessary during the investigation. To do that select in the Diagviewer clients list the driver instance to be monitored and enable all message levels and modules for that driver. Please also increase the maximal buffered records (x10) so that the log does not overflows.

    Hint: You can open the driver configuration dialog in the Editor to see the driver in the Diagviewer clients list without the runtime running.

    4.) Protocol Sniffers (E.g. Wireshark, PortMon, etc.)

    There are a lot of protocol sniffers available and most of them do not require deep protocol knowledge to capture the communication. If you lack the knowledge to understand the collected information you can then call for help.

    Like in 3.), when sniffing a communication make sure it is included the start of the zenon runtime and the driver communication so that the association frames between the driver and the target devices are not lost as these contain vital information to debug the communication.

    Best regards,
    COPA-DATA Support
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