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Thread: Editor 7.x and Runtime 6.50

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    Default Editor 7.x and Runtime 6.50

    I have 02 server run with zenon runtime 6.50. Now we want to modify some inside project by Zenon Editor 7.50 and creat runtime for 6.50.
    But I have a question : in Zenon Editor 7.5 has some configuration for trigger option but in editor 6.50 has not it. So If I change some trigger option (TrgOps) for IEC61850 communication ( like some device does not support TrgOps "qchg" and "dupd") so runtime 6.5 will work with configuration that I change or it will work as default in Editor 6.5 that not have any user configuration for trigger option

    Thanks and regards

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    Dear skywalker,

    It will work as default in Editor 6.50 -> no user configuration for trigger option.

    The project will work as it was edited with the 6.50 Editor, when you compile it for 6.50. It is like this for all Zenon versions.

    Best regards,

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