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Thread: CEL & Alarm files on CE

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    valid Gast

    Frage CEL & Alarm files on CE

    On a CE (6.22 SP0) target project, with activated AML and CEL, I created a standard "Alarms : Save AML and CEL memory buffer" function activated by hand (assofar). However... no files are created on the target's directory ('SDMMC Card\HMI\Panel_Name\Project_name\').

    System variables 'HD-Data On/Off' indicates 1, and 'Runtime data folder not available' 1 as well. So, what's wrong, doctor ?

    Moreover, despite project's settings for Runtime Messages are all set, I got no popup message at the terminal when (unsuccessfuly) trying to save files...

    More generally, could one explain where files are stored under CE since this is hardly understandable from the documentation...

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    christopherpara Gast

    Default Re: CEL & Alarm files on CE

    What Build do you have of zenon 6.22 SP0 (you can check in editor, Help > About)?

    In project properties there are chapters in the project tree: Alarm message list and Chronolig event list. On both of there are Save CEL/alarm data parameter, what option do you have selected?

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    christopherpara Gast

    Default Re: CEL & Alarm files on CE

    and files may be not in RT folder but also in folder which name is like a name of the device

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    christopherpara Gast

    Default Re: CEL & Alarm files on CE

    And there is also project properties, in General, to define Dafa folder and File storage path.

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    valid Gast

    Cool Re: CEL & Alarm files on CE

    Dear Christopher,

    First I have to appologise: it's not SP0 but SP1, Build 0.

    Second, I just noticed some progress on my side: as mentioned before, system variable 'Runtime data folder not available' was 1, indicating that the destination folder was NOT built. After building it manually (with the required structure 'SDMMC Card\HMI\Panel_Name\Project_name\'), it finally worked.

    Projects's general properties are set-up so that the RT folder is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\zenon_Projects\PROJECT_NAME\PROJEC T_NAME\TARGET_NAME" and Data folder is left blank (default settings), but this is of course relevant on development machine or on XP-like targets, but not relevant on CE.

    Hence, the questions are now:
    - what is the relationship between these settings and the folder structure on a CE target ?
    - why is the indicated directory structure NOT built-up automatically by the RT on the target if missing ?

    Thanks for your expertise

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    christopherpara Gast

    Default Re: CEL & Alarm files on CE

    Let me explain it from a bottom, because in other case we can get confused.

    in project properties, General:

    Runtime folder: As online help say, this is folder with project runtime files. But this files are for using under Windows XP/Vista/7.

    Data folder, File storage similar, but in general you should think about folders on your PC.

    This above folders has nothing to do with CE, unless you configure it speciall for CE path (if you have CE device directly connected to the PC, by USB or something). But in general we do not recoment to change this folder. Runtime folder has to be on C:\Document and..., Data folder clear, File storage clear.

    What we are missing here. Did you performed Remote transport? Because with this procedure we copy project runtime files to the CE device and we declare special folders. Within Remote transport you can declare that project runtime files will be remotly copy to "\SDMMC Card\HMI\projects\my_project" OR you can declare it "C:\SDMMC Card\HMI\projects\my_project", then C: means root directory, because on CE device there is no C: drive.

    Now, project runtime files will be in \SDMMC Card\HMI\projects\my_project\RT and AML, CEL, archive, HD files will be in folder\SDMMC Card\HMI\projects\my_project\.

    I am bit confused, you write "After building it manually (with the required structure 'SDMMC Card\HMI\Panel_Name\Project_name\'), it finally worked." That means you create those folders on your CE device manually? If so, then where project runtime files were copy before? Normally, if in Remote transport you declare destination path then all folders are created automatically withing remote procedure.

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