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Thread: Workspace file cached locally?

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    Default Workspace file cached locally?


    I have experienced quite a strange issue while working with the Zenon editor across different machines, with the editor losing changes when editing on a different machine to the previous time. Maybe you can advise what may be the cause....

    Some basic info:
    Server = Windows 2012 server
    Client = Windows 7 64 bit
    Network... basic windows workgroup (no domain)
    Copadata = Zenon Energy Edition 7.50

    So essentially the problem is this. The workspace is stored on the server in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Copadata\<Projectname>\< Project workspace file>
    I have the runtime running on server & client, working away ok. The last time I edited the project I opened the editor up on the server and made changes. All ok so far.

    This time I opened the editor on the client machine. I pointed the editor to \\<SERVER>\<Shared drive>\Users\Public\Documents\Copadata\<Projectnam e>\<Project workspace file>

    Now the 'workspace' that appears is an OLD version of the workspace... it has lost all the changes the last time I made them on the server. To test I made some changes to the workspace then closed it down. I then opened the ediotor on the server again. Once more the changes I made on the client are not in the workspace.

    The solution for this was to make a workspace backup after working on it on one machine & restoring from the other machine (to the same shared drive on the server). My question is how can this happen when the workspace is saved in the same place... on the server?

    Is there some kind of local caching happening in the Zenon editor? Have you seen something like this before?

    Many thanks,

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    Idee Re: Workspace file cached locally?

    the Worspacefile only contains information about the Projects in the Workspace like the Project-GUIDs. It does not contain information about the Database Server. This information is stored in the zenDB.ini file (%cd_system%)
    So when you open the Worspacefile on the Server with the zenon Editor on the Client then the local zenDB.ini on the Client is used. And this zenDB.ini will probably point to the local SQL-Server. As the Client has also got Project-Databases with the same Project-GUID, your editor opens this databases without any error. But it is different to the server database.

    You have to use the Startup-Tool on the Client. Create an Entry for the Workspace and change the database to the SQL-Server Instance on the server. Then it should work.

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    Default Re: Workspace file cached locally?

    That makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the explanation.

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