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Thread: System Information Collector (SIC)

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    Default System Information Collector (SIC)

    Hello everybody,

    please find attached the latest version of the System Information Collector Tool.

    If you are facing issues with zenon and you need help from the COPA-DATA support, please run the tool and attach the output file to your support request. This can help to make the investigation more efficient.

    After starting the tool you will find four options. In most cases "FULL" scan is the best choice. When the scan is finished you can review the result yourself or save it to a zip file which you can add to your support request.

    Please keep in mind that the tool does not replace a description of the problem. So, even with the SIC file attached, always try to explain your problem as detailed as possible in your support request.

    Also mind that the SIC file contains information about your system which you might not want to share with everybody. So, please do not upload SIC files to the forum.

    PS - The SIC tool can also be found and started from the zenon Startup Tool (Tools).

    Thank you very much,

    David Cerdeira
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    Default Re: System Information Collector (SIC) [New thread]

    The "old" TestConnection Tool can still be found here:

    Note: This tool is no longer maintained and supported.
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