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Thread: Importing of values from text file to Runtime

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    Default Importing of values from text file to Runtime

    Hi Guys
    I am taking few data from the IED through FTP. The Data are present in the the Text file. I want to read the values from that Text file into the Runtime and store in our historian. Is there any solution or suggestion?? 

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    In zenon Logic there are function blocks for files operations, so you may read a file line-by-line and encode the values (and timestamps eventually too) to some additional stratonNG variables. These variables in zenon can be then handled like any other process variables, e.g. displayed on screens, stored in Historian, produce CEL/AML entries etc.

    While programing the Logic you have to consider that a variable shall change the value only once per a cycle. The programs in Logic are transferring at the end of cycle only the final values of variables. So if the file contains more as one value change of the same data point (of the same variable) you have to evaluate the next value (the next line of file) in the next Logic cycle. 

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