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Thread: Scaling Problem

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    I have Volt and Amp data from different IEDs via Modbus TCP and IEC 61850. My problem is:

    - I need Amp (current) scaling factor to be adjustable by user input in runtime.
      There should be some code which will pop-up input screen on pressing "Settings" button and ask user to enter CT scaling ratio and scale the variable accordingly.

    I have tried by using the VBA script :

    Dim ctRatio As Integer

    thisProeject.Variables.Item("Current L1 Node 1").RangeMax = ctRatio

    And taking "ctRatio" as user input....

    But it doesn't work. However when i am in Workspace and put the "RangeMax" property of that variable to the desired scaling ratio, It does scale it well.
    But I need "adjustable scaling factor" that the runtime should ask from the user and adjust the variable accordingly.

    Please Help ..!!!

    And many thanks.... 

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    I think this is not possible this way. You cannot change the Scaling Range via RangeMin/Max during Runtime.
    But you can use nonlinear value adjusting with VBA and there you can use another Variable to scale.

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    Thanks! I did it using Non linear value adjustment using VBA macro...

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