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Thread: COMTRADE and Motor Start Trending

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    Default COMTRADE and Motor Start Trending

    Hello Support,

    For Zenon 7.5, the feature of reading COMTRADE file to show the waveforms is there, my question is : for motor start trending which motor protection relay has it, can we show it in zenon using COMTRADE file?

    Thank you in advance
    Best regrds.

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    Hello Yazan,

    COMTRADE files are mainly used for fault records and further disturbance analysis and my not be the preferred may for simple analog trending.

    I assume that IEC 61850 is used for communication?

    Using IEC 61850 and a proper reporting configuration the device (IED) decides what values shall be sent to its clients (zenon) in what frequency.
    So the IED needs to be configured to report the analogs of the time period when a motor was started to zenon.
    zenon then can be configured to archive on change (see Manual -> Historian -> Types of archiving)
    every value that is received from IED.

    So if IED sends one value every 125ms zenon will store it in this archive and have it ready for trending etc.
    Please make sure to define according deadbands etc. so your network and database will not be flooded with useless values.

    So for example the data attribute “mag” from the “MV”-class of IEC 61850 could be used for this.
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