I try to open the driver configuration but nothing is happening
This can be caused by several issues.

One cause might be that the driver is in the project, but not installed with the zenOn version you are using. Please check the installation directory or try to create an new driver of this type. A message will be shown that the driver is not installed.

Another cause might be that additional software needed by the driver is not installed. In this case, you should at least be able to create, and open the driver configuration of the simulation driver in the group "zenOn". If this is possible, check which additional software is needed for the specific driver and install the software.

Another cause might be due to a corrupted COM registration. If not even the driver configuration of the simulator driver can be opened, but he executable is started, please re-register the following components by executing:

regsvr32.exe OLE32.dll
regsvr32.exe OLEAUT32.dll