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Thread: Reaction matrix ?

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    Default Reaction matrix ?

    We have a link text element under all pumps, fans, compressors.
    I want to show 3-5 diffrent text message in this link text window,For exampel, OFF, AUTO ON, MANUAL ON, PAUSE, ALARM.
    Depending on 3-5 diffrent variable (bit).
    Today we are using a mathematic variable with diffrent limits for the collor and text.
    This works for 3 maybe 4 diffrent text.
    Can this with the mulitbin ReMa? ,or is it another easyer way to do this?.

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    Hello Peter,

    Please take a look at the combi element. Here you can display status texts, colorize picture symbols, configure symbols to flash etc. depending on one or more variables in a formula, similar to the formula at the mathematics variable. In this case you would not need an additional mathematics variable with limits and texts.

    If you have multiple elements like this with the same texts, and intelligent naming of the variables, you could create a symbol out of the combi element, put it in the project library, and use it multiple times in your pictures, replacing the variables linked at the formula by a substitution string at the symbol. (e.g. replace Switch1* with Switch2)

    The advantage here, is that you can make changes centrally to the symbol in the library which will affect all linked symbols in your picture. E.g. change a text for a condition and this change is automatically taken over in all elements.

    If the variable naming does not allow this, you can copy & paste the element, and right click to choose "replace links" which also allows you to easily change all linked variables at the combi element using either selection or substitution strings.

    I hope this helps.

    kind regards,

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    Default Re: Reaction matrix ?

    This looks perfect
    I just have to test and read more about it.
    Peter G

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