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Thread: SQL Database and Zenon Editor

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    bmcbrita Gast

    Default SQL Database and Zenon Editor

    I m trying to create a report which will give me efficiency of the machines. For this reason I have created a new picture but I am confused on how to extract the information of (Alarm Duration, running time of the machine) from the Database.
    I was thinking if I could create new variables and use MATH formulas to calculate the figures that will work but cannot find a way out to extract the values from the database to carry on.
    Your help will be highly appreciated

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    Default Re: SQL Database and Zenon Editor


    I assume all the data is available in a database, just to use them within the zenon report!?

    Are we talking about the database filled by the IPA module from zenon?

    The zenon report offers a function which collects data directly from a database in order to be shown in the report. Calculations can be done in the report directly as well.

    Please check out the zenon Online Help for the Report Generator and look for the function sqldao() , which gives you the desribed possibility.

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    bmcbrita Gast

    Default Re: SQL Database and Zenon Editor


    Yes I want to extract the values of few fields from the IPA table.

    I would like to see figures automatically calculated in Zenon Runtime. I have already created a picture type report and set a function of picture switch in the editor but when I save these changes in the runtime and try to run it, I cannot see the report in the Zenon runtime.

    Do i have to do anything else rather than creating a picture switch ???


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    did you enter the default control elements?

    So if you have open the picture of type "Report", select from the zenon Editor Menu Bar "Control Elements" -> "Default" and all the control elements are placed within the picture!

    After compilation and picture switch to this picture in the runtime you should see what you expect.


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    Default Re: SQL Database and Zenon Editor

    Maybe you would also want to take a look at the function "create IPA document" which could e.g. be triggered through time control on a regular basis.

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