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Thread: What is STRATON anyway?

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    Default What is STRATON anyway?

    I came across STRATON. What is this?
    STRATON is a plattform-independent Soft-SPS with IEC 61131- 3 standard developed by Copalp.

    Anyway the name STRATONŽ comes from a greek philosopher

    as does the name zenOnŽ

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    It has been while, since that initial post was created. Things have moved a bit. The IEC 61131-3 components that are integrated into zenon are called zenon Logic, since the Release of zenon 7 in 2012.

    So, what is the relationship between zenon Logic and straton ?

    In fact it´s very simple: zenon Logic "is a" straton.

    The straton technology is a generic set of tools and components to integrate, operate and maintain an IEC 61131-3 system. The IEC 61131-3 Runtime could be ported to almost any target platform, offering the required integration aids. Various communication options and other utilities can be implemented along with that. The IEC 61131-3 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is available in whole, but can also be integrated in desired parts into a 3rd party tooling landscape.

    In that sense, straton technology - as continuously developed and maintained by COPA-DATA - is used by various embedded equipment and hardware manufacturers (so called OEMs) to equip their basic technology with advanced IEC 61131-3, data processing and connectivity options.

    zenon Logic is one of these "dedicated" versions of straton. It is provided by COPA-DATA as an "off-the-shelf" IEC 61131-3 suite. It´s clever integration into the total philosophy of zenon Engineering offers some valuable benefits to the user. Such as common variable database or simulation projects.

    So, in general there is a number of technical topics and concepts which will be completely identical for straton (in general), zenon Logic and any other OEM derivate. Some mechanisms, however, are up to the specific OEM integration of the IEC 61131-3 components.

    More detail regarding the specifics of the zenon Logic Runtime are given in the zenon User Manual:
    Manual -> zenon Logic -> zenon Logic Runtime (Soft PLC) -> OEM specification

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