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Thread: Creating runtime files

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Creating runtime files

    Is there a way to make zenOn stop asking "Do you want to create runtime files?" when exiting the application?

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    this dialog only appears on closing the zenon editor or changing/closing the workspace! If there is any project where changes has been made, this projects are displayed within the dialog to remind the user about compiling. If no changes has been made at all or if the projects where compiled before closing, this dialog must not appear for this projects.

    No, there isnīt a setting to supress this dialog.

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    please note, that the button in the toolbar for creating runtime files, has an arrow to show the additional option "create changed runtime files for all loaded projects".

    This will no only create the changed runtime files for the active project (when pressing this icon normally), but for all loaded projects in your workspace ;-)

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