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Thread: Dynamic Loading Of Picture

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    Daumen hoch Dynamic Loading Of Picture

    I need to be able to load a picture dynamically depending on a value I bring back from a database. The value will be the name of the picture within Zenon.

    I can pull back the value in the database using VBA, but would then like to load the picture in the same procedure either directly by VBA or using a Function picture switch run in VBA.

    Is this possible, if not is there another way, maybe by loading a string tag with the picture name and then passing this into a function ??

    I currently do this in RSView by using a string variable and using an event to change screens.

    Many thanks


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    Default Re: Dynamic Loading Of Picture


    please take a look to the Online Help see under "Functions -> Overview Functions -> Picture Functions -> Picture with index .
    I think this is exactly what you are looking for.

    From the Help:
    This function is used to switch to the picture with the name stated in the linked string variable.

    VBA should only be used if there is no other zenon standard way to realize it. But it is of course possible to start a function with VBA.

    In your case it works if you write the name of the picture into a string variable which is linked to the "picture with index" function and start the function through VBA or other triggers like limits,..


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    Daumen hoch Re: Dynamic Loading Of Picture

    Thank You that works exactly as I need it.

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